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Five Essential Roadside Fixes

When out on a bike ride, you never know what may happen. Although a lot of the time these unknowns are brilliant, memorable events such as seeing crazy new things or meeting new friends, they can also include mechanical issues.

Fortunately, the most common things that may go wrong with your bike when out on the road are easy to address, provided you have the right knowledge, and of course, the right tools!

Here’s a guide to how to carry out the most common roadside bike fixes:

Punctured inner tube

This is the most common roadside repair you’re likely to encounter, and definitely something you […]

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Bike Fit: Why it matters

Bike fit is an essential part of your cycling. Having your bicycle correctly set up for you will keep you injury free, comfortable, and make you stronger and faster. Having your bike correctly fit to you will:

  • Improve your comfort – particularly your comfort in the saddle, and the pressure on your arms, neck and back.
  • Boost your power and efficiency – a good bike fit will boost your strength in the pedal stroke, making you faster, but also more effective as you pedal.
  • Protect you from injury – going on a bike ride involves rotating the pedals thousands of times, […]
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The PRO BIKE TOOL Ultimate Gift Guide

We know that PRO BIKE TOOL’s range of awesome ride equipment and home workshop gear make the best present anyone could wish for, but we thought we’d put together a list of other options to get that cyclist in your life (or, more likely – get yourself!).

‘My World’ by Peter Sagan

He’s a triple world champion, the most charismatic man in road cycling of his generation, and now he’s written a book. We’ve read it, and it’s well worth your time. From insights into the exhilaration of a race-winning sprint to the best pranks […]

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Winter Cycling 101

Just because it’s winter there’s no need to stop riding. With a few careful choices of kit and understanding what type of riding to do, winter cycling can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Our Winter Cycling 101 is your go-to list for keeping the pedals turning this winter!

Your Bike

Of course, fundamental to your winter cycling is making sure your bike is suitable for some cold and  wet miles. A few component and accessory adaptions and your bike will become a trusty steed to take you through the harshest of weathers.

The bike itself

  • Your best bike is for the best weather!
    • Needless […]
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Why Torque Matters

You’ve probably seen the little numbers on your stem and various other places on your bike where hex bolts are. They usually say something like ‘5 Nm’? If you don’t know what they mean or what their significance is, then you’d better keep reading.

Torque wrenches have been around for years in mechanical engineering – motor mechanics and aeronautical engineers for example – and they are used to ensure that the bolts the engineer is tightening are tightened to exactly the correct amount. A good example of where they are used in in the multiple bolts that hold the cylinder head of […]

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The Top Twelve Mountain Bike Trails in the UK.

There are so many awesome mountain bike trails and tracks throughout the UK that it can be difficult to know where to start. However, we’ve put together our list of the Top Twelve Trails in the UK suitable for both families and fanatics, so you can make it your aim of riding them all!

Ashton Court, Bristol

  • The feel: Ashton Court is a great option for those of you in the South West, being just outside the transport hubs of Bristol, and with trails to suit all the family.
  • The rides: There’s a blue trail and a red trail available, making this centre […]