Why do I ride?

Riding is my outlet, other than spending time with my family it is probably the only thing I want to do. I love waking up at dawn before the roads are busy and going for a solo ride to clear my mind and relax. I constantly push myself to do better each time I go out, and it is a great way to clear my head.

I also enjoy riding with others; it is just a completely different feel, I love the fact that everyone doing it shares the same passion about bikes and why we ride.

Where will my bike take me in the next 12 months?

I have a few goals I’d love to accomplish in 2019, first and foremost is to ride a total of 10,000kms in the year. Secondly I want to start racing criteriums to see where I’m at fitness-wise and really start training to become a better all-round cyclist. I would love to travel overseas with the bike, meet some new people and explore new places. After completing the Festive 500 last year I want to keep the momentum going and complete it again this year.