PRO BIKE TOOL double award winners at the 2019 UK Business Awards!

The PRO BIKE TOOL team scooped up GOLD and SILVER awards at the UK Business Awards in Central London, last Friday November 8th.

We reached the final round in two categories having gone through a rigorous and hotly contested initial selection process. On Friday, 8th November the finalists and judges gathered at Park Plaza Riverbank in London to compete for a coveted series of prizes and share the very best ideas from the world of business.

In the morning, husband and wife team Chris and Nicole impressed the judges with their presentation, condensing a complex range of working practises into a concise, engaging 15-minute pitch, then took questions from the panel – Dragon’s Den style.

The standard of competition was exceptionally high.

“We were excited to share our journey and business strategy with UK business leaders,” said Chris. “It’s amazing that we’ve gone from working at our kitchen table selling one product in the US to 40 products in over 10 countries within just over four years.”

In a glamorous ceremony, we were given the Gold award for ‘Best SME’, and Silver for ‘Best Customer Centric Organisation: Digital Initiatives’.  Hearing our name read out was an extremely special moment for us – recognition and confirmation that we have created a real and successful business from the ground up.

“Winning these two prestigious awards means the world to us,” said Nicole. “We would like to thank our team for their continued commitment and our customers for their loyalty over the last four-and-a-half years”.

We were judged the top entrant in the prestigious ‘Best SME’ category from a shortlist of six businesses. We were pitched against Small and Medium Sized businesses from across the business spectrum, including international recruitment and HR organisations, an online fashion brand and a digital marketing agency – many of which boast central London offices and depth of resources and staff.

“To gain the Best SME award against some brands so much larger and more established than PRO BIKE TOOL has reconfirmed to us that even with a small yet driven team, big things can be achieved,” said Chris.

Thank you to Awards International for organising the event – it has given us great confidence and belief in our achievements.


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