PRO BIKE TOOL Gift Guide 2020

The only thing a cyclist likes as much as a new bike is a new tool or accessory to play with.

But what to get your favourite cyclist for Christmas? There are a lot of gadgets you can get that rider in your life, and it can become a bit overwhelming. Luckily we’re here to help, and have created our 2020 gift guide! 

Whether you’re shopping for a trails-loving mountain biker, a bike-packing explorer, or someone who loves nothing more than a weekend in the home workshop, we can make some great suggestions for you!

For the Mountain Biker

There’s nothing more annoying for a mountain biker than a flat tyre on the trail, so save them the hassle of long, strenuous puncture repairs with a CO2 Inflator and Tyre Levers, or, if they’ve gone tubeless, our Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit?

And while you’re saving them from under-inflated tyres, why not save them from under-pressure shocks and forks? Our Shock Pump is a must-have for dialling in suspension so they’ll never complain about a saggy bottom again!

Bicycle Tyre Levers


Shock Pump

CO2 Inflator

For the Roadie

What’s the best way to keep a roadie content? To help them ride longer and further with the minimal fuss.

Keep them happy and hydrated that bit longer in 2021 with one (or two!) of our high-volume, maximum cooling Insulated Water Bottles, available in black, white and red to suit all paint schemes and preferences! 

For a roadie, the smaller, lighter and neater their accessories the better. As such, our 17-in-1 Multi Tool is a great gift – it’s the size of a credit card but as mighty as an entire tool box! It pairs up perfectly with our CO2 Inflator with Storage Cartridge, a speedy solution to tyre inflation while also keeping gas canisters safely stowed. 

17 in 1 Multitool

Insulated bike water bottle

CO2 Inflator with Storage Canister

For the Commuter

If you’re battling both the traffic and the clock in a race to get to work, the last thing you need is a puncture or unexpected mechanical to derail your ride.

Make sure your riding friends and family never miss clocking-on time again with a Mini Bike Pump for speedy flat tyre repairs! And should they suffer a slipped set of handlebars or saggy seat-post, an 8-in-1 Multi Tool is the perfect simple tool to get them back on the road in no time. 

All these items are small and lightweight and will easily stash into a backpack alongside a laptop and change of clothes. 

8-in-1 Multitool

Mini Bike Pump

For the Mechanically-Minded

Do you know a rider more likely to be spending Christmas Day tweaking and adjusting their bike than eating turkey and playing card games with Grandma? If so, indulge their passion!

Our 2-20Nm Torque Wrench Set is the undisputed king of the workshop – an absolute must-have for the mechanically-minded. This centrepiece tool is a pleasure to look at and even better to work with, and will become their go-to gadget.

Other great additions to any cyclist’s toolkit are a set of Master Link Chain Pliers, Chain Tool and Allen Keys. They’re all tools that will be in use all the time and will keep them smiling through the new year!


Torque Wrench Set

2-in-1 Master Link Chain Pliers

Universal Chain Tool

For the Connoisseur

For some riders, only the best is good enough – no detail goes left untouched, and there’s always one more thing gadget they want to fuel their love of their bikes. Fortunately, we have just the things for such connoisseurs! 

Our 10-60NM 3/8” Torque Wrench Set is a must-have for an aficionado caring for their pride and joy, and it looks so good they’ll want to have it on display as much as they’ll want to have it in their workshop. 

Similarly, why not give them the perfect way to show off their bike, a PRO BIKE TOOL Wall Hanger? This horizontal indoor storage rack offers safe retention for even the most prized of bikes and is a great way to show off a much-cherished cycle!

3/8 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench Set

Universal Bike Wall Mount

Bike Cover for Outdoor Storage (TRAVEL)

Mini Bike Pump

For the Explorer

Does your favourite cyclist love nothing more than taking their bike with them on holiday to explore new places and try out new trails? 

If so, help them keep their bike safe and dry during transit with our Bicycle Cover for Transport Use, and ensure they keep their tyres up to pressure when they reach their destination with our compact yet powerful Mini Floor Bike Pump.


Looking for a smaller gift as a bonus treat?

Fear not, for we have a wide range of compact and cost-efficient tools – that’s what we do!

Our Mini Ratchet Tool Set is a fantastic gifting option, packing a super-sweet little tool into a highly-giftable storage pouch. 

Other fantastic options include Tyre Levers or the 8-in-1 Multi Tool, both of which are like coffees – no matter how many you have, you always can use more! 

Happy gifting and Happy Christmas, from PRO BIKE TOOL! 

Bicycle Tyre Levers

Mini Ratchet Tool Set

8-in-1 Multitool

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