14 PC Bicycle Inner Tube Patch Kit

PRO BIKE TOOL 14 PC Bicycle Inner Tube Patch Kit – 2 Pack – Reliable Tyre Puncture Repair Kits Includes Crayon, Scuffer, Rubber Cement & 20 Patches in Total – for Road, Mountain & BMX Bikes, ATV


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Key Benefits of the PRO BIKE TOOL 14 PC Bicycle Inner Tube Patch Kit

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    High quality & great value repair set
    Includes 2 packs. Each pack includes ‘traditional’ yellow crayon x 1, round stainless steel rasp (scuffer) x 1, self-vulcanizing solution (adhesive) x 2, heavy duty butyl patches: round x 6, rectangular x 4. Instructions included both in the pack and inside of the case lid. Compatible with pretty much all bicycle inner tubes.
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    Repair different shapes and sizes of punctures
    Each pack includes 10 flexible butyl patches with tapered edges: round x 6, rectangular x 4. Yep that’s 20 patches in total, which is awesome value!
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    Permanent repair
    We include 2 rubber solutions per pack vs our competitors who only include one, which is ‘never’ enough, our customers tell us! The rubber solution chemically bonds the patch to the tube for a permanent repair.
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    Quick, simple and reliable
    Yes, our ‘old school’ repair kit is the best for fixing a flat. Simple steps to repair the inner tube puncture to get you back quickly on the road or trail.
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    Convenient storage
    Each of the pack contents are stored in a ‘bright red’ polypropylene case for ‘easy identification’ when stored and in use. Case dimensions: length 3.3 inches (8.3cm), width 1.7 inches (4.3cm), height 0.8 inches (2cm). Easy to fit in a saddle bag, back pack or jersey pocket.

14 PC Bicycle Inner Tube Patch Kit


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    How big are the boxes?
    length 3.3 inches (8.3cm), width 1.7 inches (4.3cm), height 0.8 inches (2cm).
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    What is the largest sized puncture these will work on?
    'Pinch punctures' are the most common, these will certainly fix those. Slash punctures are more difficult to fix, the rectangle shaped patches will fix these depending on how large.
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    How do I fix a puncture with these?
    Firstly, use the crayon to mark around the area which is punctured so you don't keep loosing it. Scuff the rubber up using the steel rasp which helps the glue stick. Apply the glue and wait until it turns 'tacky' and sticky rather than runny. Apply the glue to the patch and apply plenty of pressure, use your nail to go around the edge of the patch to ensure it is sufficiently stuck. Once satisfied, you can grate away some of the crayon with the rasp and rub over the patch to ensure any remaining glue does not stick to your tyre.
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    Are instructions included?
    Yes, as pictures above, the instructions can be found on the inside of the lid.
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    How many uses will one pack provide?
    Each pack includes 10 patches, so both packs should fix 20 punctures in total!


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14 PC Bicycle Inner Tube Patch Kit

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