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Bicycle Tyre Levers

PRO BIKE TOOL Bicycle Tyre Levers 3 Pack – Strong & Long Lasting Tyre Removal Tool for Road or Mountain Bike Tyres



Key Benefits of the PRO BIKE TOOL Bicycle Tyre Levers

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    3 Strong & Long Lasting Tyre Levers
    High strength and durable engineered plastic for a long life, delivering reliable high performance ‘time after time’
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    Great Leverage
    Long levers for great leverage with stubborn Tyres, but short and compact enough to be easily stored away. Levers ‘snap’ together for easy storage. Note: Not suitable for very thick and heavy bike Tyres such as MTB downhill Tyres - long heavy-duty Tyre levers made from metal or with a metal core are recommended for this purpose
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    Comfortable to Use
    The Tyre lever’s ergonomic shape ensures they sit comfortably in the hand when removing a Tyre off a rim. Levers also feature an ‘indentation feature’ for your thumb, giving it a great feel in the hand when being used
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    Remove Even The Most Stubborn Of Tyres
    Each lever has a chisel-shaped tip, making it easy to scoop under a Tyre bead. The rounded edges and ‘glide’ finish make it a breeze to ‘lever and slide’ off the Tyre from the rim
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    Pro Quality
    We’re so confident about our top-quality Tyre levers that if you have any product issues, we’re very happy to either provide a Refund or a Replacement on your purchase! We’re also here to support you if you have any questions or queries, please get in touch and we’ll gladly help

Bicycle Tyre Levers


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    Are these levers suitable for heavy MTB downhill tires?
    No. Long heavy-duty tire levers made from metal or with a metal core are recommended for this purpose.
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    What is the indentation near the chisel-shaped end for?
    The indentation is for your thumb to give grip and comfort when ‘digging’ into the wheel rim.
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    Will these scratch my carbon wheel rims?
    No! The levers are made from high strength and durable engineered plastic which prevents scratching but ensures strength.
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    What is the hooked edge for?
    The hook can be clipped around the wheel spokes to secure the lever once you have used the chisel end to lever the tire.
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    Can the levers be used for bladed spokes?
    Yes the hook is wide enough to clip around wheels with most bladed spokes.


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    Bicycle Tyre Levers

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