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Swivel Bike Wall Hanger

PRO BIKE TOOL 2 PACK Swivel Bike Wall Hanger – Vertical Indoor Storage Mount for 2 Bicycles in Garage or Home – Cycling Rack – Space Saver Holder, Hook for Bicycles – Hang Your Road, Mountain or Hybrid Bikes


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Key Benefits of the PRO BIKE TOOL Swivel Bike Wall Hanger

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    Free-up your valuable floor space, keep your garage or indoor space tidy and clutter-free with our stylish ‘swivel’ bike hanger. Our high-quality and future proof wall hanging solution to bike storage is great for apartments, homes, garages and sheds. Storage system fits most bike types: road, MTB, cyclocross, touring, hybrid, beach cruisers, bmx and kids’ bikes. Also suitable for bikes with fenders. Not suitable for deep rimmed wheels where the tire and rim are >3.54 inches / 9 cm
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    Hang and store your bike in a vertical position, allowing for convenient storage and removal. Wide oversized and high quality ‘dip coated’ hook offer a wheel great protection when hung. Hook design is ‘angled’ making it easy to mount bikes and takes the pressure off the wheels, rims and spokes. Can hold a bike up to 30 kg / 66.2 lbs weight load.
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    Allows a bike to be stored in either a center, left or right-angled position, making it a convenient storage solution around parked cars and congested areas. Just hook on the front wheel, then either park the rear wheel in the middle position of the ‘wheel stopper’ for center storage or ‘swivel’ and park in either the left or right stopper positions for ‘angled’ storage. Swivel hook auto-locks the front wheel into place in either center, left or right positions
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    5-minute installation, includes easy and detailed step-by step instructions. Mounting screws included for concrete, masonry or stud walls.
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    We’re so confident about our top-quality racks that if you have any product issues, we’re very happy to either provide a Refund or a Replacement on your purchase! We’re also here to support you if you have any questions or queries, please get in touch and we’ll gladly help. IMPORTANT: ONLY install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall. DO NOT install on ‘unsupported’ wall surfaces e.g. plasterboard wall unless there is a strong wooden stud behind it.

Swivel Bike Wall Hanger


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    What types of bike can I hang with this?
    The Swivel Bike Wall hanger is suitable for all bikes with tyres and rims less than 3.54 inches / 9 cm. This should include most road, MTB, cyclocross, touring, hybrid, beach cruisers, BMX and kids’ bikes. However, a bike with deep wheels greater than 3.54 inches / 9 cm will not be compatible.
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    Will the hanger damage my rims or spokes?
    No! The hook is ‘dip coated’ to offer protection from scratches or scuffs. The hook design is ‘angled’ to take the pressure off the wheels, rims and spokes of your bike as it hangs.
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    Can I hang a bike with deep wheels?
    The wheels of your bicycle need to be less than 3.54 inches / 9 cm deep or they will not fit into the hook.
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    What is the maximum weight bike I can hang?
    The maximum load that can be hung is 30 kg / 66.2 lbs.
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    Does the hanger have pre-set left middle and right positions or does it swing freely?
    The hanger is made with pre-set stopper positions to either side and the centre. This ensures maximum security for the bike and prevents it freely swinging.
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    What types of wall can I install the hanger on?
    The hanger can be used on solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall surfaces. The hanger should not be installed on ‘unsupported’ wall surfaces e.g. plasterboard, unless there is a strong wooden stud behind it.
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    Are all the installation screws included?
    Yes. Mounting screws for concrete, masonry or stud walls and detailed step-by-step instructions are all included. You will need a drill with 8mm / 0.3in bit and hammer to complete the installation.


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Rated 4.4565217391304 out of 5 stars
46 reviews

46 reviews for Swivel Bike Wall Hanger

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    Swivel Bike Wall Hanger

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