The PRO BIKE TOOL Ultimate Gift Guide

‘My World’ by Peter Sagan

He’s a triple world champion, the most charismatic man in road cycling of his generation, and now he’s written a book. We’ve read it, and it’s well worth your time. From insights into the exhilaration of a race-winning sprint to the best pranks to pay on teammates, Sagan's character shines through brilliantly. You’ll have finished it before the New Year.

GoPro Hero 7 Black

With voice activation, the ability to live-stream your content to social media, and image stabilisation features, this is the camera to capture your gnarliest trail ride or your most exhilarating mountain descent. And it’s not all about the videos, with the 'super photo' feature optimising your footage to give you photos that will look so good you'll crush instagram’s algorithms.

Pongo Socks

Well, it’s just not Christmas without some socks, is it!? However, you’ll REALLY like these ones! These are a firm favourite of ours a PBT HQ. Made from the finest Italian fabrics, they feel incredible on your foot – and the designs give you those bonus watts you get from some serious sockdoping. Whether you need a toasty merino winter sock or lightweight option for summer, Pongo have them all.

Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit

Dirty bikes are sad bikes. With this ultimate cleaning kit, your bike will be very happy. Containing all you need to keep your MTB, road bike, CX or commuter clean, degreased, and re-lubed, this is the first step to having the shiniest bike in the bunch!

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

If it ain’t on Strava, it didn’t happen... that’s a fact of life nowadays. Capture that ride with the coolest gadget on the market:the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. With great user-interactivity and set-up thanks to the partner phone app, Bluetooth connectivity, and easy-read LEDs, it’s an awesome gift for cyclists of all disciplines and abilities.

Big Bobble Hats

The essential headwear for the Cyclocross community, and becoming the go-to for all riders, these guys will keep your head toasty and let you show your style, whether it be with the famous bue, red and yellow of the ‘Belgian Beast’, or the veg-inspired ‘Peas and Carrots’. No more cold heads with these wooly wonders!

The Handmade Cyclist Mugs

These mugs aren’t just good for inspiring feats of immense fortitude on the bike; they’re also great for that morning Americano. Whether you want to remind yourself that ‘it never gets easier’ or reassure yourself that some days ‘you are the nail’, there’s something in this range of fine bone china mugs for everyone.

Zwift Membership

The gift of saving one’s sanity. Offering the ability to ride with others from around the world in virtual environments ranging from Alpe D’Huez to New York’s Central Park, Zwift will make those wintery training sessions pass in an instant. It’s compatible with the snazziest of smart trainers to the most basic set of rollers, so you don’t need a master pain cave to 'Go Zwift'.

PRO BIKE TOOL Torque Wrench Set!

OK, so we're going to put one of our tools on the list, because it would be rude not to.

This wrench gives you the gift of saving you from damaging your bike! A beautifully engineered and presented torque wrench that should feature in everyone's home workshop, it's an essential for preventing you over-tightening bolts and potentially damaging valuable components. The wrench measures from 2.0Nm to 20Nm, is calibration tested for accuracy, and includes 11 tool bits, an extension bar, and a hard case to keep it all together. The ultimate gift for the rider and the bike.

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