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The Top Twelve Mountain Bike Trails in the UK.

There are so many awesome mountain bike trails and tracks throughout the UK that it can be difficult to know where to start. However, we’ve put together our list of the Top Twelve Trails in the UK suitable for both families and fanatics, so you can make it your aim of riding them all!

Ashton Court, Bristol

  • The feel: Ashton Court is a great option for those of you in the South West, being just outside the transport hubs of Bristol, and with trails to suit all the family.
  • The rides: There’s a blue trail and a red trail available, making this centre […]
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Ride faster and feel better: Cycling fitness and health basics

Want to be faster on the bike? Want to feel awesome off the bike? With a little hard work and training know-how, these things are easily within your grasp.
These are the key things you need to know to get you on track to being a faster, fitter you!

Key Training Principles:

There are three main areas you should work on to build your cycling fitness. Ensuring that you get a good balance of each of these will help you get fitter, faster. If you only devote time to one of these principles your overall fitness will suffer.

High-intensity intervals

  • Ride shorter, go longer! Performing […]
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The Four Fundamentals of Basic Bike Maintenance

There are four fundamental areas you need to know about when maintaining your bike. We’re going to take you through the key aspects of bike maintenance that will save you money replacing worn out parts, keep you safe, and most importantly, keep your bike moving fast so you can beat your buddies up that hill!
! If you’re unsure of which parts of the bike we’re talking about in this blog, check out this handy diagram!

Chain maintenance and lubrication

The most important part of your bike maintenance know-how is understanding how to look after your chain. […]

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The Key Tools for Bike Maintenance

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there are a set of bike tools that all riders need in their bike maintenance tool kit.

Below are the essential tools for basic bike repair and maintenance that all riders will need. These will let you carry out all the key fixes and fettles that you’ll need to perform out on the road or at home.

Allen / Hex Keys

On modern bicycles, the majority of components are fastened to the frame or adjusted with hex key bolts. As such, a good set of Allen Keys is absolutely vital to your toolkit!

The strength and durability of […]

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Why You Should Cycle to Work

Why should we cycle to work?

If you’re not a regular cyclist, then even the thought of riding your bike to work can seem daunting. However, it’s something that will improve your day – and general life – no end! Here’s why:


It’s always a good idea to first tempt people with money. Transport isn’t cheap – be it public or by private car. Travel cards and fuel always sound cheap until you calculate how long you have to work at the start of the week to pay for them. You might think that your car is fuel efficient, but that […]

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How To Fuel Your Ride

Like lots of things to do with cycling, there have been lots of words written about fuelling for longer rides. It is very easy to get confused about what are the correct carbohydrates and how many should you eat.  It’s also important that you know not to overeat during a ride – your stomach won’t be able to cope, and you’ll get bloated and stand the chance of a stomach upset.

So firstly, what is a long ride? Anything over a couple of hours is where fuelling starts to become important,and your performance will begin to be affected if you get […]